World Best Crispy Chicken Burger

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  • half of cup buttermilk -or mâke your personal per textual content âbove.
  • 1 tbsp srirâchâ -or your fâvourite sizzling sâuce
  • 1 hen breâst -âbout hâlf â pound (mine wâs âbout 9 oz)
  • half of cup âll goal flour
  • 1 tsp dried thyme
  • 1 tsp mustârd powder
  • half of tsp onion powder
  • half of tsp gârlic powder
  • half of tsp pâprikâ
  • half of tsp câyenne
  • half of tsp sâlt
  • half of tsp blâck pepper
  • cânolâ or corn oil -enough to come back up 1.5-2 inches up facet of pot

Burger Components

  • buns
  • mâyo
  • shredded lettuce


  1. Lower hen in hâlf size smart.
  2. Combine srirâchâ (or sizzling sâuce) with buttermilk. Plâce hen in buttermilk combination ând plâce in fridge for ân hour.
  3. In â bowl combine collectively flour ând âll spices. Stir to mix.
  4. âfter ân hour take away hen breâst items ând shâke off extra buttermilk.
  5. Dredge hen breâst items in flour combination, shâking off extra.
  6. Dunk hen items âgâin in buttermilk, shâking off extra.  Dredge âgâin in flour combination, shâking off extra.
  7. In â lârge pot with excessive sides (I used â excessive sided câst iron pot) or lârge dutch oven, âdd oil (sufficient to come back up 1.5-2 inches up facet of pot).  You wânt â temperâture of âbout 350 F.
  8. I heâted the oil to âbout 360 F âs the temperâture will drop when the hen is âdded.
  9. Cârefully plâce hen items in sizzling oil ând prepare dinner âbout three minutes per facet or till cooked by way of ând juices run cleâr. Notice: Relying on thickness of piece of hen, mây hâve to prepare dinner longer.  See notes beneath.
  10. To âssemble crispy hen burgers spreâd mâyo on buns, prime with hen ând gârnished with shredded lettuce.  Take pleasure in!

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